Why do I start Lessinly

In May 2019, I received a call from my friend Lin Young: something frustrating happened with her new silk bed sheet.

After moving from Hong Kong to New Haven, CT, Young could no longer get the silk bedding as good as her old ones: thick, smooth silk with fabulous texture. A 19mm bed sheet she ordered turned out a 4-layers plastic packed one, yet overstretched on the edge due to low density. The customer service lady insisted that the sheet was in a good condition, and suggested she return it to the factory address in China.

“We both know there are lots of better silk bedding. Why couldn’t I find out something better?”

She wondered.

This idea about “something better” became a seed in the soil.

It is now named Lessinly. People buy less always buy better.

So that’s how the story begins:)

What exactly is “something better” at Lessinly?

bare feet on Lessinly 30mm silk bedsheet


Bedding is what you stay with for over 8 hours a day, so they have to be good.

Thanks to my mother who offers her special support featuring a 20-year career in the silk industry, we found the best silk bedding that would pay off our months research: real 100% silk, 30mm, seamless, produced less than 100ft per day on a Japanese-branded machine.

girl viewing Lessinly silk bedding blog - Lessinly about silk bedding


Besides the top-quality silk bedding, we provide facts, data, and knowledge, 100% sincerely. We want our customers informed, knowing what is cool and what isn’t.

Is “silk pillowcase won’t absorb your moisture” true or overhyped? Check our blogs out!

Lessinly customer service


Any time you reach Lessinly out, you are going to have a conversation with a silk specialist, who is both enthusiastic and savvy about Lessinly silk bedding. If you would like to have a return, we will try to save your delivery fee. No outsourced Indian customer service, or return policy requiring delivery to China.

Lessinly silk pillowcase duvet cover bedsheet eco-friendly package


Unlike those over-designed brands, Lessinly is proud of our simplistic package, with necessary 1-layer recyclable polypropylene to protect the silk from poor weather. We keep the folding box in its original woody color, too. Silk is the largess of nature, so is our world.

Lessinly special deal on silk bedding

Offer and Coupon

Lessinly has 2 common offers: 10% off for subscribers, and 10% off (by refund) for embedded reviews. Our customers enjoy top-quality silk bedding at a more affordable price, while we save the budget on ads.

Lessinly is unique. We provide top quality silk pillowcases, duvet covers and flat bed sheets at a reasonable price. We are grateful to everyone who chooses Lessinly and will do our best to take care of our customers.