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Hi there,

As some of you may know, Lessinly was a online store providing 30mm silk beddings (silk pillowcases, duvet covers, bedsheets, etc).

Buuuutt… thanks to COVID-19, huge impact made my supplier run out of support of the high-end line.

The manager suggested me take the 22mm or 19mm silk beddings to keep running the online store business. The advice was sincere and sweet, but I decided to stop the eCommerce to start an affiliate program.


  1. I have no competition against the great sharks in red ocean of lower momme silk market.
  2. On the other hand, these competitors deserve my respects. They really work hard on surviving in the pendemic, and getting the business grow. How impressive!
  3. The COVID impact really got me. Now I prefer something less risky, yet still very imformative for my visitors.
  4. My knowledge of silk work this way, and I enjoy sharing them!

In a word: a new Lessinly is launching!

It’s now all about right (yes, RIGHT) knowledge of silk, silk beddings stuffs, and realiable recommendation of silk beddings.

Buy Less and Buy Better. That’s my goal. That’s why the site was named Lessinly at the first place.

If you believe in my professionality told by my posts (with data, graphs, and everything in detail), you may be interested in my silk bedding selections. I recommended things that match my high standard. I only pay for professionality and product, not for marketing strategy or fake reviews.

Thanks for reading.  If you are planning to get some silk bedding stuffs, there are two things I’m gotta ask for you to do:

  1. Read the blog. The posts are good. I say it proudly.
  2. Leave me a message if you got anything about silk that confused you.

Enjoy your time here!

Lessinly Team