12 Reasons Why Silk Pillowcase is the Perfect Gift

12 Reasons Why Silk Pillowcase is the Perfect Gift

Having trouble selecting a worthy present? You are not by yourself. This study found that 62% of Americans have exaggerated how much they enjoy and use gifts. It implies that you might not be aware when someone thinks less highly of your gift.

OK – knowing this won’t make gift giving any easier : D

No worry: we have you covered.

Learn why silk pillowcases are the ideal present by reading this article.

For the Receivers

Everybody uses a pillow every night

According to research from 2018, 53% of the presents people received in 2017 have already been forgotten. This serves as a reminder that we should provide gifts that are memorable, and the ideal option is to give something that the recipients will use on a regular basis and won’t even need to recall.

The pillow and the pillowcase on top of it are both items that people use frequently. A silk pillowcase is unforgettable because of the silk’s feel on the skin and lovely sheen.

For all ages

The skincare function of silk pillowcases is universal, just like women’s desire to take care of their faces and hair. They are the best gift for everyone because of this. Skincare was the most shopped-for beauty category across all age groups. regardless the skin type, the silk pillowcase is proven to be beneficial to skin and hairs. For more information on how the silk texture works on your skin and hairs, read this article: True or False? 5 Myths of silk benefits.

On the other hand, an inappropriate gift for the wrong age can be awkward or worse. For example, you shouldn’t offer your 10-year-old nephew a magnetic ball set (not recommended to children under 14), or give a teenager a vintage brooch that their grandmother will adore.

Things are just so much easier when the gift is a silk pillowcase.

For all sizes

Yes, size – silk pillowcases have sizes, and size is always troublesome with gift giving.

But no worry – a standard-size pillowcase can always be an extraordinary choice.

The most popular pillow size is standard 20 inches by 26 inches, the same as the standard pillowcase. These standard-size pillowcases can fit standard and queen-size pillows, thanks to the extra material that covers the longer length of a queen pillow (20 inches by 30 inches).

For most cultures

If you reside in a multicultural community, you are aware of the challenges presented by gift-giving.

Let’s take the bouquet as an example.

  • Yellow roses are associated with adultery and jealousy in France
  • Some chrysanthemums are taken the flower of death in China and Belgium
  • In Poland and Russia, giving an even number of flowers is reserved for funerals

It’s crucial to select a present that can please everyone because we give gifts to reaffirm or establish our connections with others.

And your best option is a silk pillowcase.

Every civilization has always valued silk, which is why it is here now. With silk, you can’t go wrong because most people, regardless of culture or origin, will adore it.

Simply because – silk is typically associated with elegance and a posh way of life all over the world.

  • Muslim women frequently wear silk hijabs
  • The French royal family founded Lyon’s silk industry in 1536
  • And chirimen silk is used to make traditional Japanese kimonos.

Silk pillowcases make wonderful presents for them as well.

Nothing is 100% safe. In some cultures, even gold can be considered taboo. All we can do is give something accepted universally.

Gift itself

Gift pack

On amazon, lots of silk pillowcase items have a gift packaging option.

gift pack of silk pillowcase

And when placing the order, you can easily “Add gift options”.

add gift options

And if not, the regular package of a silk pillowcase is already pleasant.

Small and on the go

A study by INQIQA shows 52% of the respondents indicated that they considered high delivery chargers one of the most important annoyances when purchasing gifts online. 

Will that be a problem with silk pillowcases? Not at all.

The typical size of a silk pillowcase box is less than 7.5×7.5×1.2 inches, and it’s very light-weighted, too.

This determines the shipping fee will not be high when you order one or several packs.

And a small size means it’s less likely to get smashed – it can safely stay in a corner.

Wherever you are – in the metro having the gift in your bag, in your trunk full of items, or your garage packing all the gifts up – you know your silk pillowcase will be issued to the person in the perfect condition.

It also means you can buy them in advance and put them exactly everywhere you want. Think about ordering a 6ft Christmas tree too early, along with other five giant gifts – It will just take up more space for a longer time.

This small option makes your holiday perpetration that much simpler.

For all occasions

What’s the most inclusive gift? A silk pillowcase.

You may disagree: no, it should be a gift card.

Imagine handing your employer a gift card and telling him or her, “Hey, here’s some money, go purchase something you want.”

That would almost be amusing. You will never feel that way about silk pillows.

It’s the perfect gift idea for thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as for some other personal occasions and parties.

  • Wedding – For the blessed couple, lots of silk pillowcases sellers offer a two-pack combo at a better price.
  • Baby shower – Nothing is more important than a nice sleep for a new mom.
  • Birthday – Needless to say, a small box of fancy and glossy silk is irresistible.
  • First visit to the home of your new coworker – A champaign color silk pillowcase is just as velvety as a champaign itself.

Ecco friendly

Silk, as you may know, comes from the silkworm. To guarantee the quality of silk, it is necessary to ensure the growth of the silkworm first. Therefore, the mulberry silkworm breeding site has very strict environmental requirements.

  • Air: Silkworms must not be exposed to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide (concentration over 1%), ammonia, fluoride gas, tobacco, pesticides, paint, camphor, gasoline, and other undesirable gases.
  • Mulberry leaves: mulberry leaves are selected without insect mouth, the upper new ripe leaves, tender yellow leaves, and water content from 75% to 85%; mulberry leaves can only use a short residual period of low-toxic pesticide spray to kill mulberry pests. Spraying and picking need to be more than 10 days apart.

The breeding bases that do not meet environmental requirements will encounter illness or even death of mulberry silkworms – which is likely to happen before being fined by the management. Therefore, behind every silk pillowcase with a soft luster and soft hand, there is an environmentally friendly industrial development as support.

For Gift Givers

No accounting for taste

The three gift types that people give and receive the most frequently are candy/chocolate, homemade items, and a gift card/money, according to The Top 10 Holiday Gifts Most People Repeatedly Give and Get Every Year.

Yup, you just found the similarities – they don’t really have any taste or fashion.

Style and taste are incredibly subjective. Even if you believe you know someone’s preferences, you probably don’t. It frequently occurs for people to offer gifts to others. Sometimes this causes embarrassment in silence because the recipients are polite or unlikely to bring it up.

A silk pillowcase is one of the gifts that are less related to personal taste too.

The main differences between silk pillowcases are the designs and colors.

  • For the designs, there are two main designs of pillowcases: housewife, and oxford. The differences are inappreciable.
oxford and housewife pillowcase style
The left style is oxford, and the right style is housewife. Image from https://scooms.com/blogs/bed-linen/what-is-an-oxford-pillowcase
  • For the colors, light-colored silk pillowcases are preferred. The light coloration ensures less fade in washing, making your pillowcase gift more sustainable.

Some silk products are not good in colorfastness. In this article there is a photo of a blue silk bedsheet that lost its color partially – you don’t want to put your gift at such a risk.

Scratching your head about what to give? Try a standard-size, off-white silk pillowcase.

Of all budgets

The pricing ranges vary depending on who would be receiving the gift: $5 to $20 for distant relatives, $20 to $50 for friends or coworkers, and $50 to $100 for immediate family.

The best thing? The silk pillowcases are available in all three price ranges.

You can easily find some cheaper ones with fewer momme counts (the thickness of silk fabric, see details here) from small business owners. They remain luxurious at a very reasonable price.

Plus, when it comes to special occasions like weddings and you would like to give a “couple” gift, a double-priced 2-pack silk pillowcases combo can still perfectly fit in the price range.

silk pillowcase amazon 1
silk pillowcase amazon 2
silk pillowcase amazon 3

Or, for the branded silk pillowcases with some premium and better customer service, there will be plenty of choices too.

silk pillowcase amazon 4
silk pillowcase amazon 5

In other words, for whomever you’d like to give a gift to, a silk pillowcase can always be a choice.

Easy to get

Being easy to get is important.

This may seem trivial, but don’t forget that we are still in the post covid time.

In the early and mid-covid period, you have also experienced a shortage of toilet paper. And that’s just a small part of the supply chain problems:

  • Shortages of dockworkers resulted in slow unloading, and cargo ships were adrift in ports for weeks
  • International shipping fees have skyrocketed
  • The lack of raw materials has affected the production of a wide range of commodities from cosmetics to game consoles
  • Not to mention the massive closures of traders.

Thanks to the producers and sellers of silk pillowcases, the supply of silk has been relatively stable, except for some raw silk price hikes in 2021, you can easily get them at other times, from Amazon to Neiman Marcus.

A stable, less affected supply chain ensures quality. And due to the full competition on the market, prices of silk bedding products stay reasonable.

An easy-to-get gift means way more than you know.

Personal Experience

You just read the “No accounting for taste” part and found out the gift card/money is the 3rd most popular gift option.

We all seem to adore some money. However, “money” are not the ideal presents, mostly because they are perceived as impersonal.

According to this survey, “almost 93% of women prefer getting personal presents,” as they convey the message “I care about you.”

Also, when it comes to giving gifts, 62% of respondents said they prefer experiences. Silk pillowcases are thought to encourage better sleep, and because we spend nearly half of our lives in bed, they in some way facilitate a long, personal experience.

“I think you should experience it.”

Kendall Jenner

Wrap up

We’ve all asked the never-ending question of “What should I get her/him/them?” – until today. Don’t overlook the concept of a silk pillowcase: it is lovely, portable, suitable for all events, inexpensive, and it conveys the message “I care.” Perfect!

Check out the latest silk pillowcase deals (TBD) to find out your next gift.