Why is Lessinly unique?

Lessinly bedding means 157% better care the whole night. We use 30 momme silk only, which contains at least 57% more silk every inch compared with 19 momme one.

Additionally, the Lessinly products feature great durability and gentle glow.

When can I get my order delivered?

Due to the great amount of hand sewing, it takes a longer time to prepare a Lessinly products. Usually, you receive the product within two weeks after placing the order. If there is any delay, we will inform you separately.

Is Lessinly available on Amazon?

Currently Lessinly bedding products are exclusively sold at Lessinly.com. We are striving to meet the Amazon shipping policy!

Is Lessinly silk 6A?

We use 6A raw silk to produce the material.

Why 6A raw silk instead of 6A silk? Good question! Please refer to What is 6A silk.

Does Lessinly use mulberry silk?

Yes. All Lessinly products are made with mulberry silk.

Is mulberry silk marketing gimmicks? Read more here.

What does the momme mean?

Check What Is Momme out! Everything about momme is inside.

Does Lessinly have STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX?

Our material provider proudly produces the best silk bedding that meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Actually, there are no “OEKO Tex Standard 100 certified manufacturer”. An OEKO Tex Standard 100 test report is only applicable to the tested samples instead of an entire factory. For more information, please refer to this page.

Can I wash the Lessinly bedding in washing machine?

Yes! Read How to Wash Your Lessinly Silk Bedding and learn how to take care of your bedding as well as your sleep in it.

Any other question?

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