About Lessinly

Every Story Has a Beginning...

You are told that silk products take great care of the body.

You learn silk glossary.

You browse through Amazon and see lots of silk bed linens with different specification.

You wonder if there is something better.

You come here.

Hey, welcome to Lessinly.

Lessinly Silk Bedding Are Made of 30 Momme Silk.​

The 30 momme silk is 57% more intense than 19 momme one.

Think about it: every inch of your skin is kissing almost double silk.

Natural, smooth, beautiful.

More Than Skin Care.

30 momme silk features gentler luster, keeping your bedroom modern.

Put Lessinly in your washing machine; they are more durable, and easier to take care of.

Any color else than off white? We’ve got you covered.

It takes care of your life!

Is Lessinly Silk Soft?

Even it’s made with 30 momme silk, Lessinly bed linens are softer than your imagination.

Enjoy it, or enjoy the 30 days money back.

Oh, you mean 22 momme is kind of a “best balance”?

You deserve the best, not a balance.

Good night, and enjoy your sleep in Lessinly.

Lessinly 30 momme silk

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